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The Stylists at On Top Hair DesignMegan, Lone & Serah look forward to styling your hair just how you like it, so you leave feeling great!
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Like her name, Lone Godwin’s salon is a little unexpected. Lone is the Danish spelling for “Lorna”, and just as you need to look twice at the spelling and pronounciation, those searching for Ipswich hairdressers need to look twice at Lone’s hair salon, On Top Hair Design, in Karana Downs.Nestled away in the peaceful acreage suburb of Karana Downs, On Top Hair Design is a special source of luxury.

On Top Hair Design

Disguised in the ‘suburban’ exterior of the Karana Downs Shopping Centre on College Road this hair salon is a modern, peaceful and elegant retreat – and it is also so much more.

Your Karana Downs Hairdresser Has Extensive Experience & Up-to-Date Professional Training

In Lone’s own words “We do a lot of training so that we’re up to date on the latest”. Both Lone and Serah (currently enjoying maternity leave with her baby!) are qualified Wella Professionals Master Colour Experts.

The level of skill developed on this 9 months course, which requires weekly class attendance, homework and assignments, is as high as a stylist can go – without becoming the actual trainer!

Colour Specialist Hairdressers


Lone’s commitment to ongoing training for herself and her experienced staff puts this establishment ahead of many hair salons.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to go to Ipswich hairdressers or a hairdresser Kenmore way to get an expertly skilled stylist and colourist!


In this salon, the surprise is on the inside!

On Top Hair Design Deliver Exceptional Value for Money

Why should people come to On Top Hair Design instead of hairdressers Ipswich way? Besides the exceptional skills of the salon stylists, On Top Hair Design offers value for money.

We’re certainly not expensive.


Lone explains “We use fantastic products. We won’t even consider using cheaper products.”

It’s not unheard of for some salons the same size to use cheaper products, which compromises the quality of the service that clients are getting.

And it’s understandable. In order to economise when you have very high overheads – say, due to being in a busy shopping centre – it’s not surprising that some salons find they have to cut corners somewhere.

High Quality Wella Professionals

As those with experience with a number of different sizes and locations of salons over the longer term will tell you :

“Because this salon enjoys lower overheads and we do not rely on walk-by traffic – meaning the Salon caters almost solely on repeat clientele – we are able to provide better value for money for our clients.”

Valued Clientele, Customer Service & Longstanding Reputation

Although this Salon opened 18 years ago, Lone still has ‘a lot’ of original clients who still seek out her services after all this time. Karana Downs Locals know there is no need to travel to find Ipswich hairdressers and even Kenmore hairdressers don’t get a look in from those who know the skill and quality that exists behind these salon doors.

Why is that? Why is On Top Hair Design Special?

Being a small business, this Salon provides individuality for clients which other salons are not always able in this day-and-age to provide. Our Stylists enjoy that there is certain level of personalised customer service they are able to provide, due to being small enough to get to know the clients and consequently enjoy having that repeat clientele.

Now, being in a local area keeps you honest as well! A salon without a shining reputation would certainly not stand the test of 18 years if they did not value their clientele, provide excellent services and thrive under intelligent management leadership.

Karana Downs Hairdresser

Lone is modest at the suggestion by her staff that she’s “a good boss” but the fact is that there is longevity and continuity of service and employment with her staff, a mutual respect and a synergy of ideas and passion for a job well done.

Services – Regular Favourites & New Trends

Due to our many years of experience and dedication to up-to-the minute training we are able to offer the full range of hairdressing services, from colouring, cutting and finishing, child and student cuts, mens style cuts, upstyles and wedding hair and also hair extensions and treatments.

We’re pleased to present you with our fully detailed ‘Menu’ on our Salon Services page. Don’t try for hair extensions Ipswich way – speak to us at On Top Hair Design first and enjoy the difference.

Convenience, Class & Continuity

It’s all the little things…

…Genuinely wanting our clients to be happy with the treatment and service they’ve received so they can’t wait to come back for their next appointment…

…Dedicating the one Stylist providing a service to a client from start to finish, so they don’t feel ‘handed around’ and enjoy the full attention and maximum benefits from their Stylists’ skills and vision for their transformation, however subtle or otherwise!

…The cool, classy and calming environment that is our tastefully and contemporarily decorated Salon…

…The convenience of no parking hassles, no traffic congestion, a convenience store next door for those last minute items, or a delectable dinner from the pizzeria in the same centre…

…The knowledge that your Stylist is happy and valued in their role, so they will be there for you when you return time and again. Do not fear the high turnover of staff and never being able to get “your” stylist when you want them – that is non existent at On Top Hair Design…

There are many reasons why our Clients love On Top Hair Design.

What will it be for you?