Children’s Salon – How to Choose a Good One

Kids Hairdresser BrisbaneAs anyone with kids will know, taking your youngsters for a haircut can be a challenging experience. No matter how small they are, your kids usually know what they want, and sitting around having their hair cut isn’t normally at the top of their list! Taking care to choose a good kids hair salon can make the experience less traumatic for all – here are some useful questions to ask when making your choice:

Is This Really A Children’s Salon?

There are salons which deal exclusively with kids, but this probably isn’t what you want. A professional, high-quality local salon, such as your Karana Downs hairdresser, On Top Hair Design, that provides hairdressing for kids as well as adults is what most parents will be looking for, but it is good for you as a parent to know that this is a regular thing for us. If a salon offers kids cuts on a regular basis, the stylists are likely to be experienced with kids and more tolerant with impatient and active young clients. You can spot a children’s salon by looking for junior options on the list of services the salon provides.  See the options for “Junior & Student Cuts” at On Top Hair Design Here.

Are The Stylists Parents Themselves?

You may feel embarrassed asking this, but don’t be afraid to ask about your stylist’s experience with kids – a good kids hairdresser won’t be fazed at all. Knowing the stylists at your kids’ salon are parents themselves is a reassuring benefit that a good stylist will understand. After all, any parent wants to know that someone dealing with their kids will listen to what they want and know how they tick. At On Top Hair Design, all our stylists are mums, meaning we’re patient, understanding and good at listening to your kids. We love creating cool cuts your kids will adore, and your kids will know instinctively that their stylist is interested in them and willing to act on their ideas.

Of course, your ideas are important, too! A good children’s salon should be able to find a great solution that satisfies both you and your kids.

Can My Kids See The Same Stylist Every Time?

The perfect children’s salon is one that values its stylists as well as its customers. It can take time for kids to get to know and trust a stylist, so the last thing you want is to find a new person wielding the scissors with every new appointment. As an established kids hairdresser in Brisbane’s Western suburbs, On Top Hair Design treats all its stylists with care and respect, so you’ll meet a great team of happy hairdressers who are engaged, interested, and keen to stay put. This gives your kids time to get to know their stylist and enjoy a relationship that grows as your children visit them time after time.

We love creating cool cuts your kids will adore, and your kids won’t even think of  being in a children’s salon when they find that their stylist is interested in them and willing to act on their ideas.

It’s also good to know that your kids won’t be passed from pillar to post during an appointment. Ask whether trainees will be washing your kids’ hair, or whether a stylist will stay with your young ones from start to finish, for a continuity of attention that makes things easier for all.  At On Top Hair Design, each stylist takes care of their client from start to finish – and this extends to our youngest clients as well.

Is The Kids Hair Salon Far Away?

Not having to travel far is often a high priority for busy parents with active kids, and this is equally true when choosing a kids hairdresser Brisbane West way.  Parents don’t have to travel to Ipswich hairdressers or a hairdresser in Kenmore to find quality stylists for their kids, with On Top Hair Design located conveniently in Karana Downs.  If you’re located in Mt Crosby, Karalee, Chuwar, Bellbowrie or Moggill, we are very close.  We are only a 5 or so minute trip from Anstead and not much further to Pullenvale, so we are an excellent option for those who like class, quality and excellent customer service, but don’t wish to battle the Kenmore traffic to find a hair salon there.

What Else To Look For

Kids Hairdresser BrisbaneThe most important way to know if you’ve found a good children’s salon is to look for happy kids! You could try visiting the salon yourself one time to experience the atmosphere and watch other people’s kids having their haircut. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, taking care to listen for that language that suggests that handing over your little ones here takes a huge weight off your mind. Look at the results (your salon may be able to show you some photos of great kids cuts they’ve done) and you could even ask the kids themselves what they think.

It’s worth taking some time at the beginning to find the right children’s salon, where your kids will enjoy the experience and you’re all happy with the result.  We invite you to Contact Us to make an appointment for your youngster so we can show you why we think we’re the best kids hairdresser Brisbane West-way!




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