Cutting & Finishing

A great cut and blowdry can even make a bad week a bit more bearable. There’s nothing like knowing you can step out into the world looking your best (and feeling a million dollars) without lifting a finger. Even a simple shampoo and blowdry can feel like bliss in a nice salon!  At On Top Hair Design – your Karana Downs hairdresser but still so central to Mt Crosby, Karalee, Chuwar, Ipswich, Anstead, Pullenvale and Kenmore – we go the extra mile to make sure you keep that ‘just stepped out of a salon’ feel for as long as possible!

Local to Kenmore HairdresserDid you know, however, that it’s actually healthier to get your hair stylist to trim up your mane as often as once per month? Like many, you may be saying to yourself “I’m trying to gain length for the long layers I’ve been wanting, how can that happen if I’m getting it trimmed so often?” In fact, you could be sacrificing the length of your hair if you’re waiting too long between trims. When hair isn’t trimmed above its split ends (which you may not always see), it causes the ends to continue to split. This means that obtaining a healthy style after skipping the trim will entail more loss of length, because the splitting was never stopped.

The length of your hair has a large part to play in how often you should get that prescribed cut and blowdry. For example, if your hair is above your collar bone, even if you are allowing it to grow, you should get the split ends trimmed once a month, or at least every six weeks. Your hair stylist can tell by your hair type how often you should be scheduling. For hair below the collar bone, you should be scheduling every six to eight weeks, so you can begin skipping a month once your hair gains some of the length you’re after.

There are exceptions, however. If your hair is generally healthy and rarely gets heat treated, is on a healthy shampooing schedule or your ends stay healthier for other reasons, your hair stylist may suggest a salon visit less often. At our hair salon, we can give you an expert opinion on the needs of your locks before you book in for a cut, or put off having a cut for too long!

Why You Should Consider a Professional Cut and Blowdry

We know, it’s tempting to sneak out of the salon door with wet hair to save a few dollars. While many salons will be more than happy than let you, here are some advantages to sticking around for that pampering blowdry:

  • You can get a better idea of what the cut looks like as a finished product, so you can ask for any corrections to your style immediately.
  • When we blowdry our own hair, we are often forced to hold heat onto the strands longer than is healthy, because we can’t see what our hair stylist sees.  Put simply, we can keep the blowdryer moving to avoid damage to your hair, so it stays healthy.
  • If you’re going to put heat in your hair, you should make it count! Heat on hair is risky, especially when not in the hands of a professional. Why not make the few times you choose to do it worthwhile? Get the style you can’t possibly achieve by yourself in a fraction the time, and feel confident with that fresh new cut that’s bound to have you complimented by everyone you run into.
  • For thick hair, blowdrying is actually helpful for removing knots with minimal damage. No, it isn’t often we talk about heat preventing damage, but there’s nothing worse than pulling on thick wet strands to detangle. Tangles equal more damage.

Scheduling Your Cut & Blowdry with Your Colour

If you are going to begin a beauty routine to care for your hair, you’ll need to keep your trims on schedule. But what if you’re also getting your hair coloured? How can you avoid being at the salon multiple times a month, potentially risking the health of your locks? After all, you aren’t likely to waltz out of the salon with wet colour either!

Most experts agree that it’s perfectly healthy to time your cut and blowdry with your colour. The only exception is if you have a good bit of grey, but choose to keep long hair. Grey hair typically requires more intense tone and more touch up, but it really is specific to the person’s hair type. At On Top Hair Design, we can help you figure out what to anticipate before you start the process.

Generally speaking, hair colour fades in four to six weeks, which is just as often as short hair needs to be trimmed to stay healthy. If your hair is slow to grow, you may even be able to extend it to the six week mark. We know this can seem overwhelming, but our hair stylists can help you figure out a length that works for your colouring schedule. This way, instead of returning in half cycles for colour touch ups while cutting your hair on another cycle, you can find a cohesive look that can be maintained at the same rate, both length and colour.

It’s easier than you think to get into a healthy and beautiful hair routine when you allow our skilled stylists at On Top Hair Design to take care of you.   Stick with your local Karana Downs Hairdresser and avoid the unnecessary travel to hairdressers Ipswich way – even going to Kenmore hairdressers in unnecessary when you have your own experts right here to get you started with a great colour, cut and blowdry schedule.