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No Need to Go To a Kenmore Hairdresser - the Best Hair Colourists in the Area are at On Top Hair DesignIf you’re like many women, you may have already learned the hard way why it’s important to have a professionally trained and experienced hair colourist to colour your hair for you. Whether you’ve been forced to go to the office with blue hair for three days due to a colour mishap, or found yourself suffocated with supermarket hair dye that sticks to everything but hair, you’ve likely found yourself in an awkward position with something you thought was so simple! The worst part of all, for some, is that one mishap lets the world know your secrets, whether you’re covering greys or just feel better as a blonde!

Being an expert hair colourist isn’t as simple as just choosing a colour from a hair colour chart, however. The best hair colourists can take one look at your hair and skillfully come up with numbers to mix for your perfect match. Their eyes are trained to look for undertones yours are likely not trained to see. They help you avoid the traditional mishaps from mismatched colours, solve the ever questionable “should my eyebrows match my hair colour?” debate and avoid hazards like chemically burned hair that could look feathery and yes – even blue!

A skilled hair colourist will create a look that is your very own, will turn heads and have the beauty of billboard advertisements! Allow the extensively trained colourists at On Top Hair Design to transform you into the very best version of yourself.

At On Top Hair Design, our city-salon-equal- best hair colourists can answer the awkward questions you may have about colouring for the first time. For example, many of our clients coming from “boxed” supermarket or pharmacy colour ask things like “Will I see this on my pillow?” and “How long before my roots show?” Although we’re always more than willing to go bold if that is the client’s wish, we have many clients who prefer to keep their beauty secrets. As many in the industry say, “Colour before you’re grey, or you’ll give secrets away!” These women and men prefer to find their natural colour match before too much grey shows, so that roots are less noticeable, and there’s not that one friend who can blurt “Remember when you started colouring your greys?” at your next cocktail gathering.

But after all, who can get that natural look out of a box? Professionally trained hair colourists alone can achieve the perfect match for you if you’re looking for a natural, youthful look. As we often say at On Top Hair Design, we can help “transform you into the very best version of yourself,” by choosing colours that are either your natural tone, or that complement your skin tone and facial features. Still thinking about trying the box again?

Take a look at this list of reasons why a hair colourist can out-colour any box, regardless of the promises or price.

  • Boxed supermarket/pharmacy hair colours are made to appeal to a wide range of customers, not customized like in a salon. You may look like the brunette on the box, but that doesn’t mean the same undertones exist, or that the colour will be true to what’s advertised once it’s applied.
  • When hair colourists select your colour, they factor in not only your hair colour and its underlying pigment, but they also consider your skin tone, how porous your hair is and the amount of artificial pigment already present. Nothing in an off-the-shelf box will address any of these!
  • Grey hair bonds to colour differently. The amount of grey present will affect the chemical make-up of your colour, and this is something that can only be done by a skilled hair colourist.
  • You can’t see what your colourist sees. Yes, you may have found a product you swear by, but it’s likely not a perfect match to your natural colour. Any spot that’s missed will stand out like a sore thumb! While you may have trusted friends, we don’t believe a friendship should have to endure hair treatments. After all, will you be able to drop the grudge if your bestie leaves the colour on too long and fries your ends after an extra glass of wine? We promise we won’t leave you with those painful decisions.
  • Boxed hair colour is more damaging. Because it’s catered to such a wide audience, the colour can be very strong and still not adhere like professionally applied colour would. It can be up to 3% stronger than the strongest salon types, in an effort to cater to every stubborn grey and poor application. When applied professionally, however, your hair actually doesn’t need the same strength. We’ll see every spot without missing, from root to tip, we have more nurturing products, and we’ll also make sure your ends aren’t damaged after your fresh new cut.
  • At the risk of scaring you, too much damage can cause hair loss. Not only can your hair be damaged at the root causing serious issues, but it can become much more brittle and break at all points. If you’ve seen someone with feathery looking hair that feels like straw, this is a person whose hair is breaking from too much damage! You may be surprised to know, however, that salon colour is often more gentle, so when paired with professional application, you shouldn’t have to worry about breakage!
  • Healthier hair is easier to style, every day! When you finally step away from the supermarket/pharmacy off-the-shelf hair colour box and seek a good hair colourist, you’ll find you can achieve a cohesive look every day with less hassle. Less damage means less frizz to control, less caution to use with products and styling, and put simply, it looks natural and healthy day to day!

In addition to helping you avoid the dreaded box, colourists can help you pair a style and colour that complement your features. We know just how to cater to your face’s shape, eye colour and more so you can get the sweetheart or sultry look you’ve been longing for.

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The gentlemen aren’t left out here.  Being a mens hair salon as well, we are well aware that mens hair colour is also extremely in demand by gents who take pride in their appearance and we also specialise in hair colour for men.

At On Top Hair Design, each professionally trained, skilled and experienced hair colourist on our Team knows that a look worth having never fits into a box.