Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions IpswichOn Top Hair Salon is an experienced salon providing hair extensions in Ipswich – we are a only short 20min drive north, and well worth the trip, as you’ll discover….

In an era when we welcome beautiful artificial nails and cosmetic procedures, we often disregard all types of hair extensions as “artificial,” when in fact, they are all BUT fake.

Our salon uses authentic human hair extensions found across the globe from sellers with long gorgeous locks who have donated or sold their hair for the purpose of real hair extensions.

Contrary to what some believe, you won’t find yourself in an awkward moment when someone asks you if your hair is real, because the answer will always be “Yes!”

So, if you’ve considered finding someone to do hair extensions Ipswich way, you can rest assured that On Top Hair Design will give you the look you’re seeking, properly.

“For Professionally Applied Hair Extensions in Ipswich North or Brisbane West, Call On Top Hair Design”

Because not everyone is familiar with hair extensions, we’d like to outline why a few of our customers choose to get extensions when they visit our salon.

  • It provides the look of layers without the hard work of maintaining long locks for years to achieve the length.
  • They are perfect for special events with memories you’ll love to cherish. For example, getting married soon, but your hair isn’t as long as you’d hoped it would be by now? Hair extensions are a perfect solution. Senior formals, school reunions and family events are all times when people seek to look their best for photographers and loved ones. Hair extensions can give you a look that would otherwise take years to achieve.
  • When attempting to go from short hair to long hair, there can be awkward lengths in between (particularly when sitting above the shoulders) that can make styling difficult. Many people give up while growing their hair because they find it bothersome in its “in between stages.” These types of hair extensions can allow you to have the hair you want while waiting for your own hair growth to catch up.

Ipswich Hair Extensions

  • Because the extensions typically last a month before needing any adjustment, you can gain a bit of length between “touch ups.”
  • You can finally have your damaged hair skillfully cut and replace it with extensions, so that you can properly care for your new hair as it grows without sacrificing length.
  • Those who consider they have unruly hair texture often find extensions easier to style.
  • If you have an appearance of thin hair or fine hair, extensions can make your hair appear fuller and even healthier.

So what is so special about these hair extensions in Ipswich?

At On Top Hair Design, we know there can be consequences when extensions aren’t properly placed. We are trained to get the process correct the first time, usually within an appointment of only an hour or so. We use remy hair extensions, which ensure less chances of pulling as they are designed for the proper place on the cuticle and less tangles. Also, you never have to worry with appearing artificial, as our human hair extensions are healthy, beautiful and available in just about any length. The hair extension contains a special sort of tape with the cuticle intact, and as your hair lengthens, we can adjust the extensions accordingly.

Remy hair extensions strands are all aligned in a “unilateral” cuticle direction, which means the hair follicles are all going in the same direction. This leads to less tangles, less frizz and easier maintenance. Because it is only lightly processed, it is ideal for those seeking a healthy look.

I see hair extensions available for purchase online. Why can’t I just do these at home with a friend?

At On Top Hair Design, we would like to discourage you from relying on websites to find types of hair extensions that could work for you. It is almost impossible to colour match, and you could end up with a less than professional look. In addition, not all companies are reputable or stand by their products, and you could end up with locks that are damaged or cheaply assembled, leading to difficulty washing and brushing your hair. This can lead to damage to your own hair growth.

It is also dangerous to attempt extensions on your own, as the “tape” that bonds the extension is quite strong. After all, it is meant to bond for a month or more! If mistakes are made during this critical process, bald spots can appear from pulling, and getting the mistake corrected could be painful, time consuming and even costly.

It’s also important to know that not all hair extensions are created equal. While remy hair extensions are considered some of the best hair extensions in today’s market, others do not ensure the same cuticle alignment, so you could have frizzy extensions that are harder to maintain than naturally attached hair. In addition, it should be noted that several companies have been exposed for advertising remy hair extensions when in fact, they are “knock offs.” Some of these manufactures may combine human hair with artificial hair, which may appear the same until it’s time to style or wash your hair.

If your appearance is important to you, we encourage you to seek professional service and we would love to be of assistance to you.

For Professionally Applied Hair Extensions in Ipswich North or Brisbane West, Call On Top Hair Design

Overall, hair extensions can be ideal for anyone seeking fuller or longer hair with a natural appearance. At On Top, we can ensure that you not only receive the best service, but also the best products. Best of all, since these hair extensions in Ipswich last four to six weeks, you can easily work them into your beauty routine by timing your cuts and colour services with extension maintenance.