How To Straighten Hair (And What To Watch Out For)

How To Straighten HairIf you have curly hair, you know the routine: starting extra early so you have the time to apply the straighteners before going out for the day; dealing with the frustrations of frizzy, flyaway locks and the extra care that curly hair requires; the superhuman efforts required to create a new and interesting style. Curls can be beautiful, but show us a collection of women with straight hair and we’ll lay a bet that more than a few got up early to make it that way.

To many women with curls, the invention of home heat-based straightening tools was the revolution they had been waiting for after years of harsh, searing chemical hair straightening products being the only option if they wanted to change their style themselves. Now a new hair straightening revolution is taking place: the emergence of permanent hair straightening. Brisbane salons are experiencing a huge surge in interest as the benefits of new, kinder and more effective hair straightening products and solutions are becoming better known.

How To Straighten Your Own Hair

Visiting your salon to straighten your hair can be expensive, and there will always be those who will opt for the extra effort required by home solutions rather than paying for the professional touch. If you’re willing to accept that home options can be more damaging and won’t be effective for as long as permanent hair straightening, Brisbane stores are full of tools and potions to help you straighten your hair.

Also used in the salon, heat-based hair straighteners are probably the most popular and widely used home hair straightening products to be found in the home. The biggest advantage of using straighteners is that they contain no harsh chemicals as well as the fact that you can simply shampoo to restore your natural curls at any time. When using heat tools, it’s worth investing in a better product that produces more even heat so a single application will do. Repeated heat straightening will eventually damage your hair.

A huge selection of Keratin-based hair straightening products is now available in stores, but these require a lot of time and effort and won’t produce super-flat hair. The big downside of Keratin products is the Formaldehyde in the ingredient list, which many consider to be a danger to your health, but these products will soften curls and calm down the most ferocious frizz, leaving you with smooth and silky hair.

Kinder, but less effective, hair straightening products include hot oils and specialist shampoos and conditioners which will smooth your hair and calm your frizz but you’ll never get that flat-iron look a salon provides.

Hair Straightening Brisbane

Even the rich and famous, like our very own Nicole Kidman, opt for permanent hair straightening.

Salon Solutions For Straightening Your Hair

When you decide to visit a salon to straighten your hair, you’re showing you mean business. An experienced, professional stylist will be able to safely apply a range of permanent hair straightening products that offer super-flat hair that lasts far longer than the next shampoo. Designed to keep your hair flat until it grows out, this is what you opt for if you straighten every day without fail. The only drawback is that you can’t opt out if you fancy your curls for a day here and there.

Permanent solutions found in the salon consist solely of chemical hair straightening. Brisbane hair straightening experts On Top Hair Design say that the chemicals used today are kinder and more gentle than older chemical hair straightening treatments but that they still need to be applied with care. An experienced stylist will take the time to test a section of your hair to see if it takes to the treatment, and talk to you about any previous colouring or other chemical treatments you may have had on your hair in the last two years. Permanent hair straightening treatments can react badly with other chemicals, so tell your stylist everything to avoid a nasty chemical clash.

Permanent hair straightening is a commitment: you’ll need regular visits to your salon once you’ve started, in order to keep up the look, but once its done you’ll never have to plug in those straighteners again. Again, it is not recommended to top up yourself as the chemicals are strong and need to be applied carefully. Overlapping old and new treatments can cause your hair to become brittle and break – a good stylist will be able to avoid this.

Where Can You Find Permanent Hair Straightening in Brisbane?

On Top Hair Design in Karana Downs is a friendly and professional local salon that can help you if you wish to discuss how to straighten hair permanently. Our experienced stylists offer permanent hair straightening to Brisbane customers who are looking for good advice and a friendly and professional service that will leave your hair looking soft and sleek from one cut to the next. We understand that this is a long-term commitment and that you may have further questions or concerns before going ahead with a treatment. If you do then please call in, we’ll be happy to help.

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