Mens Hairdresser

Mens Hair SalonIt’s a common misconception that salons are just for women and men are forced to settle for a run-of-the-mill mens hairdresser. Sure, there’s the option of a great shave and sports going in the background, but do you really get pampered at everyday barbers in Ipswich? At On Top Hair Design, we know that women and men have different needs when it comes to hair, but that doesn’t mean men have to sacrifice the full service women receive. If you’re looking for a mens hair salon for a great, convenient haircut experience, it’s awesome to know that On Top Hair Design is a brilliant mens hairdresser.

At On Top Hair Design, we can provide a service that’s just as convenient for you as a mens barber, but we go one step further – as well as doing great mens style cuts we also provide hair colour for men. Men typically have shorter hair than women, and it certainly takes different techniques for both cutting and colouring, but our specialists are well trained for all types, textures and lengths of hair. While some barber shops just focus on the package presented to men such as comfortable loungers, buzz cuts, sports memorabilia or big screen televisions, we focus on making each man look like the best version of himself.  Gentlemen – it’s okay to cover that grey.

At On Top Hair Design, we specialize in all things hair, so even though you aren’t surrounded by sports, you’re surrounded by experts in a women and mens hair salon, so you’ll go home, or out on the night, looking your best – and it won’t take long at all.

Are you looking to find the best hair products for men to use at home? We can help. Are you looking to fix a bad cut you got at a mass-production hair salon with a quick adjustment? We can help! For those of you seeking a cut and colour from experienced experts, your On Top Hair Design mens hairdresser – your Karana Downs hairdresser – can do that for you.

Reasons to Consider On Top Hair Design’s Mens Hairdresser Service

  • We have trained colourists who can skilfully help you to hide any greys.
  • We can design a look that factors in your busy schedule, your face shape, eye colour and even skin tone, so you look your best.
  • Our hair colour for men is much more delicate than anything you’ll find in a box, as boxed colour can be damaging due to misunderstood potency and poor application. When coloured professionally, we are able to use gentler products with precise application so that you have a cleaner, more natural look with less damage.
  • We can set your colour routine in line with your trimming routine, so you’re never forced to come in for inconvenient touch-ups just before you’re due for a trim.

If you’re looking for a mens hairdresser who goes beyond traditional, providing services catered to you and your male grooming needs, look no further than On Top Hair Design.

  • We can provide more “modern” styles than an old fashioned mens hairdresser. Sure, a barber shop can provide traditional options, but if you’re looking for something more modern, you’ll want someone with experience in all lengths, not just very short traditional styles. Our hair salon can not only provide you with modern ideas, but we can help you choose between a wide variety of cuts that could be more flattering for your face shape or facial hair choices.
  • We can provide guidance on a wider array of products than most mens hairdressers. Because barbers generally only have a small supply of products, you’ll have more styling choices both inside and outside of the salon after visiting On Top Hair Design.
  • You won’t be sacrificing quality. While it’s true that some barbers in Ipswich or a Kenmore barber are able to offer cheaper cuts, they’re often limited in what can be provided. If you’re looking for an organic, natural look with scissors instead of clippers, a salon is likely the only place you’ll be able to achieve it. If you’re looking for advice on the latest trends, those are more easily found at On Top Hair Design as well.
  • You won’t have to sacrifice that relaxing shampoo. While it’s true that it can save a few dollars when skipped at the traditional Ipswich barber shop, this relaxing treat serves a practical purpose as well. Wet hair is much easier to cut evenly, so while you’re relaxing for that scalp massage, you can rest assured it’s helping your end result just as much as your stress!
  • You’ll get to see your hair as a finished product. While some will rush you out the door with a fresh cut and not much style, our salon will make sure you see a full finished product you are happy with before leaving.

Male Grooming

At the end of the day, a man who is looking to appear more modern or polished should be aiming to find a great salon rather than barber shop. At On Top Hair Design, we strive to be a great mens hairdresser, stock some of the best hair products for men, and give you a cohesive look that helps you appear to be the best version of yourself. We don’t want you to have to travel all the way to find Kenmore hairdressers, or Ipswich hairdressers, when you have the very best of everything right here.

If you’re looking for a mens hairdresser who goes beyond traditional, providing services catered to you and your male grooming needs, look no further than On Top Hair Design.