Stylist Profiles

stylist profile Lorna

Lone Godwin “Lorna”

Stylist & Colourist / Salon Owner
23 years experience

With a name like Lone Godwin (Lone is the Danish spelling for “Lorna”) you’d be forgiven for expecting something a just little bit special at On Top Hair Design.

And you will be delighted!

Lone has owned On Top Hair Design, her well-known and successful Karana Downs Hairdresser salon, for 18 years after training with a respected Kenmore hairdresser for 5 years.  To this day Lone has ‘a lot’ of clients who still visit from the time she began the salon. Travelling from as far afield as the Sunshine Coast and from inner Brisbane, satisfied clients keep coming back for Lone’s services year after year after year.  Locals know there is no need to travel to Ipswich hairdressers and even Kenmore hairdressers don’t get a look in from those who know the skill and quality that exists behind these salon doors.

With a passion for cutting and colouring for clients (because one complements the other so well) as a complete hands-on service that she personally provides, and a Masters in Colour with world renowned hair company Wella, Lone insists on lots of top quality training for herself and her stylists, so they are up to date with the very latest in products, techniques and trends.

Lone is modest about her popularity with her clients, but clearly genuinely values them and knows that because this particular salon does not depend on “walk-by traffic”, the quality of her salon’s hairdressing skills, repeat business and genuine customer service is what is important.

In Lone’s own words “I like when people leave happy and that people want to come back.” When that happens, Lone knows “I’ve done my job”.

stylist profile Serah

Serah White

Stylist & Colourist / Brow & Lash Specialist
13 years experience

When Serah was little, she loved to play with her younger sister’s hair and this didn’t go unnoticed by those around her.   Serah soon  learned she had a talent.

“I used to play with her hair and just have fun,” Serah said. Her family saw her as talented early on, and encouraged her to follow her heart and happiness. “I was told by family members that I had a bit of an “eye” or talent for it, so I decided to go down that avenue, since I enjoyed it.”

Now, after being a professional stylist for 13 years, she still enjoys it. Serah considers herself a colourist and brow and lash specialist as well as a stylist, and has been at one of the area’s best salons, On Top Hair Design, for 11 years. After Serah completed high school, her “calling” was reaffirmed when she graduated but “just wanted a break from traditional study.” That “break” led to her putting herself through college and then completing her hairdressing apprenticeship with Lone.

Though Serah is a specialist in almost all types of hair care provided at On Top Hair Design, she finds herself doing more cut and colours than almost any other service. Like Lone, the Salon’s owner, Serah has achieved her Senior Masters qualification in Color, and is easily considered a color expert. Because stylists don’t always stay at the same salon so long, Serah often gets asked what keeps her happy at On Top Hair Design. “We’re not about the fluff,” she said of the salon. “You get a friendly, comfortable environment here, and we do aim to please.”

It isn’t just the place, however, but the people as well. “I’ve always been happy here. Lone is a great boss, and my clientele are beautiful,” she said, as she talked about all the life changes that have happened over the course of her 11 years at the salon. “I started here at 19, as a kid,” she said, adding that since then she has married her sweetheart, started a family and purchased her first home. “It’s like my second home,” she said of On Top Hair Design.

For Serah, each day is all about making bad days better and giving customers the pick me up they need to feel great again. “I like to put a smile on people’s faces,” she said. When Serah isn’t at On Top Hair Design making customers smile, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, a two and a half year old daughter and a six month old son.

stylist profile Megan

Megan Carpenter

Stylist / Foiling Specialist / Mens Hairdresser
4 years experience

Megan Carpenter loves being a stylist at On Top Hair Design because the environment helps her do what she does best: make people feel good about themselves. In fact, it’s the entire reason she became a hairdresser four years ago. “I like to make people feel good about themselves and their hair,” Megan stated, as she described how just simple changes could make a person see themselves in a whole new, positive light.

Megan has been working in the field ever since finishing school, where she began her training and worked her way up to an apprenticeship before being invited to On Top Hair Design. She began her training and apprenticeships in smaller, regional salons west of Brisbane, but found the perfect fit at On Top Hair Design. “It’s such a great environment and atmosphere here,” Megan said.

Her services range from haircut and styles to foiling, and even lash and eyebrow tinting done in the salon. She confesses that her favorite services to perform are foiling and men’s cuts – because you can show them simple but different ways to do their hair – but she delights in any look that brings a smile. When asked about her favorite part of her job, Megan stated, “How happy you can make someone by not doing much at all to them,” she said as she spoke of the delight from her customers who are always smiling as they leave the Salon. One of her favorite things about coming to work each day is “that connection you can get with a client that you don’t even know,” which is easy to achieve when the whole Salon is having fun.

“Everyone is always happy here, and everyone is having a good time,” Megan said. “There’s never anything intimidating in here. That’s why the Salon is so great.”

When Megan isn’t busy making beautiful people realize their best qualities, she loves spending time with her husband and eight month old son.