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Wella Hair ProductsAt On Top Hair Design, our business thrives on repeat customers rather than relying on walk-by business, and we achieve this by offering great service, excellent haircuts and good value for money. To keep our customers coming back time and again, our stylists are trained in the latest techniques and we only use the best possible styling products on your hair. Our styling product brand of choice is Wella, as their hair products offer consistently good quality based on 135 years of experience worldwide.


Wella – A Little Bit Of History

Wella was founded in Germany in 1880 as a company specialising in the production of wigs. The company has offered innovative solutions from day one when its founder created a breathable base for wig manufacture, that offered more comfort to its customers. When hairpieces were no longer in demand in the 1920s, the company made its name making permanent wave products (the German for ‘wave’ is ‘Welle’) and its reputation has been growing ever since.

When Wella released “Wella Balsam”, the first of their hair products to hit the retail market in 1972, it was fronted by Charlies’ Angels stars, Farah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd – ladies famous for their amazing flowing locks.

Wella hair products are now internationally renowned and well-established in Australia, continuing to offer innovative solutions for beautiful results. They also offer amazing training for stylists and colourists, which is why Wella and great hair go hand in hand.

Wella Hair Products and us

Wella Hair ProductsOn Top Hair Design don’t just use Wella hair products – we work with Wella to ensure we select and professionally apply the perfect products for your hair and your chosen style. Both Lone and Serah are qualified Wella Professionals Master Colour Experts, highly trained to confidently consult with you over the Wella colour chart to select and mix the perfect Wella hair colour for you. Our highly trained hair colourists have the training and professional experience to perfectly match your natural hair colour and its subtle undertones using professional hair products we can trust.

Our selection of professional Wella hair products starts with your shampoo and extends to the final cut and style. We believe the consistency and quality of using this one well-established brand throughout your whole salon experience is beneficial to both you and us. We know the products intimately, meaning we can confidently select and recommend products that will enhance your beauty and bring out your hair’s natural shine.

With the proper care, a good haircut can be made to last much longer than you expect, which is why we also stock a selection of professional salon-quality Wella Products for you to purchase and use at home.

Speak to us for recommendations and advice on how to use your Wella hair products to keep your hair looking lovely until your next appointment.

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